CECU Success Stories



Shana and Marlo Williford-Johnson and Devin and Marcus Williford

Graduates of Lincoln Tech’s Melrose Park

Shana Williford-Johnson, a 2012 Medical Assistant graduate and 2023 Hall of Fame inductee at Lincoln Tech's Melrose Park campus, exemplifies the institution's commitment to fostering successful careers. Yet, Shana's story extends beyond individual achievement, weaving a remarkable narrative of familial inspiration and professional fulfillment.

Both of Shana's brothers, Devin and Marcus, are Lincoln Tech alumni. Devin, a 2011 Collision Repair & Refinishing graduate, found his passion and now thrives as a self-employed entrepreneur. Marcus, a 2006 Electronic Systems Technician graduate, leverages his expertise as a supervisor at Comcast, demonstrating the enduring value of his technical education.

Shana's journey took her from medical assistant to critical care registered nurse, highlighting the growth opportunities fostered by Lincoln Tech's programs. Today, she and her husband, Marlo Johnson (a 2012 Electronic Systems Technician AAS graduate and 2017 Hall of Fame inductee), pay their experiences forward by guiding their daughter as she explores her own career aspirations.

Marlo's path exemplifies the transformative power of Lincoln Tech's education. Transitioning from an unstable sales career, he secured a position at Johnson Controls, where he has risen to a managerial role, fueled by the technical foundation he acquired.

The Williford-Johnson family stands as a testament to Lincoln Tech's enduring impact. Their diverse stories, united by a common thread of dedication and success, illustrate the institution's ability to empower individuals and cultivate legacies of professional achievement.