About Us

Career Education College and Universities (CECU) is the national association representing the proprietary sector of higher education. CECU has more than 1,100 campuses and affiliate members throughout North America. Read more about CECU in our 2023 Annual Report.

Career education institutions equip students across the country with career skills – from allied health and nursing to mechanics, welding and the trades, culinary, cosmetology, and truck driving, to name a few. Member institutions offer programs ranging from diploma and credential to associate, baccalaureate, and beyond. Over half the institutions in the sector are less than 2-year programs, and our membership reflects this same ratio.

Most CECU member institutions participate in Federal student financial assistance programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act. In order to be a member, institutions must be licensed by the state in which they are located, accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting body, and approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Many CECU member institutions also participate in other federal, state, and local education and workforce training programs.




Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) supports the work of our members in providing access, opportunity, and quality education to students seeking new or enhanced career skills. The association engages in advocacy, communications, professional development, and research that advances the work of the proprietary sector of higher education.