CECU Statement on the College Cost Reduction Act

Arlington, VA – The following statement was released by CECU regarding the markup of the College Cost Reduction Act:

“Although we have strong concerns about the flawed formula used to enforce financial responsibility for student outcomes, we are pleased to see the committee has prioritized a system where all institutions of higher education are equally accountable for their student outcomes. CECU has long advocated for equity in accountability measures so that all schools are required to meet the same standards and all students may benefit from them,” said CECU’s President and CEO, Dr. Jason Altmire. “We also support the bill’s prioritization of cost reduction by rolling back recent ideologically driven and excessive regulations that increase costs and limit education choices for students.”

To further clarify CECU’s concerns about the accountability formula, we believe the calculation of the cost of programs should include the taxpayer funds and public subsidies that supplement those programs. Not including those payments disguises the true cost of programs at public institutions.


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