7 Reasons to Attend the 2014 APSCU Convention and Expo

It’s no secret that professional conventions and conferences can benefit you both personally and professionally, but the tougher decision lies in which conference is the right one for you. Here are 7 reasons why the 2014 APSCU Convention and Expo in Las Vegas on June 16-18 is the right choice for higher education professionals.

  1. It’s a great investment for your professional career and your institution.
    We all know that half the battle of attending any conference is convincing your boss to make the investment for you to attend. The good news is the APSCU Convention provides attendees with several opportunities to enhance your skills and in turn, advance the service of an institution.

  2. Acquire the knowledge necessary to do your job better.
    The APSCU Convention has undergone a redesign and it has evolved into a focused and informative event with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation. We’ve condensed our session tracks into five educational tracks that are focused on valuable topics for your institution.

    Attendees participate in a roundtable discussion.
    • Innovations in Campus Leadership
    • Innovations in Education Delivery
    • Innovations in the Student Experience
    • Government Relations/Regulatory
    • CEO Sessions

  3. Receive insights from leading professionals and innovators in the postsecondary education environment.
    This year, former U.S. Senator of Nebraska Bob Kerrey will keynote the opening general session with remarks on “Innovation in Education.” Soon we will be announcing additional keynotes and education track speakers.

  4. Hearing from 10 voices is better than one.Attendees participate in a brainstorm session.
    At the APSCU Convention, you will have the opportunity to participate in several group discussions about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Not only does every session feature a question-and-answer portion, but there will be opportunities for roundtable and networking discussions that allow everyone to come together and discuss the latest innovations in postsecondary education.
  5. Meet and interact with other professionals who share your experience.
    Each session track will host a breakfast for attendees to network among their peers. Additional opportunities for networking include the Imagine America Foundation (IAF) Golf Tournament, the opening reception, the plenary session each day, and the IAF concert on June 17.

  6. Meet with vendors whose tools and services can advance your institution.APSCU Convention and Expo will feature over 200 vendors.
    The APSCU Convention and Expo will feature an exhibit hall with over 200 vendors who stand ready to work with you and your institution. Not to mention, this year’s convention is all about innovation. Experience the latest innovations and learn how their products and services can help your institution.

  7. Impress your boss, team, or department when you return.
    Perhaps the strongest validation for attending the APSCU Convention and Expo comes after you return. Implementing new ideas, fresh observations, and strategic insight into your institution’s daily operations will ultimately help the overall mission of your institution and your students, while helping you advance professionally.

View more details and register now at apscuconvention.org.


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