January 23, 2012

Private Sector Colleges & Universities Benefit  Military & Veteran Students

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to  legislation proposed by Illinois Senator Richard Durbin, Brian Moran,  interim president and CEO of the Association of Private Sector Colleges  and Universities today released the following statement:

“Senator Durbin’s proposed legislation on recruiting is  another burden that will make it harder for students to get the  education they deserve.  This legislation will only cut off access  for thousands of veterans to the skill-intensive, hands-on programming  and intensive job placement support that they need.

“It is disappointing that Senator Durbin has chosen to single  out career-oriented institutions and cast these schools in a negative  light.  The reality is private sector colleges and universities are  committed to providing veteran-students with a high-quality  postsecondary education that will help them transition into the civilian  workforce.

“Private sector colleges and universities provide real and  viable options for returning veterans seeking alternatives in higher  education.  Instead of creating barriers to critical, job-training  and educational programs, we should evaluate all sectors of higher  education to ensure that all Americans, especially our service members,  have the opportunity to receive a quality postsecondary  education.”


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