APSCU Supports the
“Transparency in Education Act”

Washington, D.C., June 19, 2014 - Following the introduction of the “Transparency in Education Act," APSCU President and CEO Steve Gunderson released the following statement:
“We thank Representative Salmon and the bipartisan group of co-sponsors for introducing the “Transparency in Education Act” that would require Secretary Duncan to fully understand the impact of the gainful employment regulation on all programs, and at all institutions, before implementation of the regulation. We call on all of our partners in higher education to support this important legislation.
“To hold programs that serve historically underserved students to one standard, while failing to understand how all programs at all institutions would fare under those exact same metrics is nonsensical.
“There is a growing recognition across the ideological spectrum that all sectors of higher education, and the government, should be working to develop one set of outcome metrics.
“This bill's transparency is exactly what is needed to ensure that all stakeholders in higher education can understand the impact of arbitrary metrics on student access and work proactively toward increased access and strengthening outcomes for all of higher education.”


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