November 9, 2012

Contact: Kevin Lawlor, 301-686-8025

APSCU Announces Formation of Blue Ribbon Taskforce for Military and Veterans Education

Washington, D.C. - The Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) announced the formation of a Blue Ribbon Taskforce created with the mission of ensuring that every service member, veteran, or family member utilizing their earned education benefits are provided with the quality education they deserve at every institution of higher education. The goal of the taskforce is to develop a series of best practices for veterans education to be used by APSCU schools as well as all post-secondary institutions.

The taskforce includes the following institutional and organizational military and veteran education representatives from APSCU, non-APSCU, and veteran service organizations:


  • Jeffrey P. Cropsey, Cpt. USA (Ret.) - Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Grantham University and Chair, Public Affairs, Council of College and Military Educators
  • James Hendrickson, Lt. Col. USAFR - Vice President of Military Education and Executive Director of the CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship, Colorado Technical University (CTU)


  • Jeff Arthur - CIO and Vice President of Financial Assistance, ECPI College of Technology
  • Mike Betz - General Manager, Military Student Initiatives, Education Corporation of America (ECA)
  • Scott A. Kilgore - Senior Vice President of Military of Affairs, Kaplan University
  • Russell Kitchner, Ph.D. - Vice President for Regulatory and Governmental Relations, American Public University System
  • Scott D. Palumbo, LCDR. USNR - National Director of Military Affairs, DeVry University
  • James Shane, Jr., BG. USA (Ret.) - Director of Military and Veterans Affairs, Sullivan University
  • Kathy Snead - Service members Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Consortium President and Vice President for Military and Veteran Partnerships, American Association of State Colleges and Universities
  • Dennis Trinkle, Ph.D. - Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Harrison College
  • Joseph W. Wescott - Executive Director, Veterans and Military Education Programs, North Carolina State Approving Agency and Vice President, National Association of State Approving Agencies
  • Garland H. Williams, Ph.D., Col. USA (Ret.) - Association Regional Vice President, Military Division, University of Phoenix

Special Advisors:

  • Michael Dakduk - Executive Director, Student Veterans of America (SVA)
  • Ryan M. Gallucci - Deputy Director, National Legislative Service, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US (VFW)
  • Steve Gonzalez - Assistant Director, National Economic Division, American Legion

Each of these schools exhibits a commitment to both the quality of education and the student veterans they serve. Combined with the expertise and knowledge of those representing the military and veteran education communities, the taskforce will provide unique insight and practices to allow other institutions to implement similar policies to improve their military and veteran education programs in areas such as appropriate marketing and recruitment, education benefits, student support services and mentoring, academic counseling, and placement services.

"After almost ten years of war, our veterans are coming home and seeking out the tools they need to provide for their families and thrive in post-military life," said APSCU President and CEO Steve Gunderson. "One of the greatest opportunities we can give them in return is access to postsecondary education in the field of their choice. This panel will help build on best practices already occurring and develop new models for ensuring the academic success of service members and veterans."

The Blue Ribbon Taskforce will publish their recommendations early next year with the goal of improving the quality of institutional academic and programmatic delivery to their military and veteran students. Such recommendations will be lifted up for all institutions of higher education to consider and employ in their service to these populations. "This Veterans Day, we honor the men and women who have served our nation,” concluded Gunderson. “Private sector colleges and universities are proud to have the opportunity to work with America's heroes."


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