APSCU Announces 2014 Achievement Award Winners

Washington, D.C., June 4, 2014—APSCU announced the recipients of the 2014 Achievement Awards. This year, APSCU will honor the accomplishments of an educator and a graduate within the private sector college community.

The nominations were reviewed by the APSCU Awards Task Force, a group of individuals representing member institutions, former award winners, and allied members. Two nominees were chosen for one of the following awards: Hall of Fame and Educator of the Year.

The winners will be honored during general sessions at the 2014 APSCU Annual Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas on July 16-18.

The following are the esteemed winners of 2014 Achievement Awards:

Educator of the Year

The Educator of the Year has been awarded to Debra Berglund of the Minnesota School of Business in St. Cloud, MN.
Debra Berglund, Educator of the Year
With over 30 years of experience in the medical field, Debra Berglund is exactly the seasoned professional that any institution would want providing instruction to their students. After leaving clinic work to teach, Berglund co-founded an allied health school in Minneapolis where she learned how to develop and track courses and curriculum and navigate the licensure process. In 2006, she accepted a position as an adjunct professor with the Minnesota School of Business. Four years later, she was named the chair of the Health Care Management program and worked to increase enrollment, retention and placement of the students in her program. Berglund is a mentor to many of her students and often brings real world professionals into the classroom to inspire her students and motivate them to become the best in their field. She has been recognized for assisting career services in securing job placement for graduates and works tirelessly in her pursuit of success for her students.

“Debra’s commitment and expertise to the health care management field has made her APSCU's choice for the 2014 Educator of the Year Award," said Steve Gunderson. "We are proud to have instructors like Debra at our institutions to inspire and motivate students to succeed."

Debra will be honored at the beginning of the plenary session on Monday, June 16 at the 2014 APSCU Annual Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame has been awarded to Audrey Gardner, graduate of Herzing University and president of Youth Action Without Borders and Goodwill Ambassador of Croix Rouge Red Cross Dakar, Senegal West Africa.
Audrey Gardner, Hall of Fame
While still a student at Herzing University, Audrey Gardner founded a non-profit that serves to educate, clothe, and share farming techniques with children in Dakar, Senegal. Her organization, Youth Action Without Borders, works in conjunction with the Croix-Rouge Red Cross to provide valuable opportunities for children who attend their camps. Gardner raises funds to provide mentorships, equipment and supplies, and educational and vocational opportunities. She credits her success to Herzing University, where she received a BS in Business Administration. Gardner claims that Herzing University provided her with the tools she needed to manage her non-profit, especially in the areas of marketing, strategic planning, and day to day business applications. She is also the first U.S. citizen to hold the title of Goodwill Ambassador for the Croix-Rouge Red Cross organization. Gardner is passionate about her work helping children succeed despite the long odds around them, and she continues to visit Senegal several times a year to ensure that her mission is carried out.

“The Hall of Fame Award recognizes an outstanding graduate of a private sector institution who has achieved great success in his or her chosen career field," said Steve Gunderson, president and CEO of APSCU." Audrey Gardner is a terrific example of a successful graduate who exemplifies high levels of character, performance and success. Clearly, Audrey is making the most of the education she received at Herzing University through her work with children in Senegal and with the Croix-Rouge Red Cross."

Audrey Gardner will be honored at the afternoon plenary session on Tuesday, June 17 at the 2014 APSCU Annual Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas.


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