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American DataBank
110 16th St Ste 800
Denver, CO 80202-5210
Contact: Mr. Gean Wickes, Director- National Sales
Phone: (720) 292-2716
Fax: (303) 565-5091

American DataBank understands that colleges and universities have unique needs. We've developed our background check, drug screening and immunization/compliance tracking services in close partnership with our higher education clientele. We developed flexibly systems so our technology can be configured to meet each institution's individual needs. Our aim is to deliver a program that is efficient, accurate and compliant - while saving you and your students time and money.

Burning Glass Technologies
1 Lewis Wharf
Boston, MA 02110-3902
Contact: Mr. Werner Barnard, VP of Sales
Phone: (617) 227-4800

Burning Glass Technologies is a leading developer of web-based labor market analytic and job matching applications for the education and workforce sectors. Our technology analyzes millions of online job postings from 21,000 sources, providing real-time intelligence on jobs and skills in demand to inform program design and expansion, employer outreach, and career services.

Career TEAM, LLC.
250 State St Unit C2
North Haven, CT 06473-2182
Phone: (203) 407-8800
Fax: (203) 407-8801

Career TEAM, LLC. provides the nation's Colleges and Universities with the premiere gainful employment program, the Career EDGE. For over 15 years Career TEAM has been educating students to successfully navigate the complicated employment markets while being awarded over $50 million in government funding and placing more than 25,000 VIPs into their workforce. Career EDGE course is designed to provide students with the tools to manage their career throughout their career life-cycle. It begins with self-assessment and clarifying career goals, outlines a solid foundation of the job search mechanics, continues with implementing job search strategies, outlines the transition from student to professional, and provides upward mobility coaching.

13827 Tortuga Point Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32225-5421
Contact: Sara Schmidtke, National Account Manager
Phone: (216) 902-8852
Fax: (866) 809-3795

CareerShift is a web-based service providing a fully integrated set of employment research and communication tools. The company offers a patented spidering process, seamless integration, and customizable analytics for tracking and monitoring usage and searches. Hundreds of schools already rely on CareerShift's robust search engines to network their way into hidden job markets. CareerShift can help your institution better navigate gainful employment mandates and improve institutional outcomes and performance.

Ed-Exec, Inc
703 Hebron Ave Ste 3
Glastonbury, CT 06033-5001
Contact: Mr. Vincent Scaramuzzo, President
Phone: (860) 781-7641
Fax: (860) 430-9836

Ed-Exec, Inc. is a boutique Higher Education Executive Search Firm that gives you more. Candidates you never dreamed existed, Game Changing Hires, Unprecedented Transparency. In doing so, we consistently outperform traditional search firms by making search smarter - and significantly faster.

Education Systems & Solutions LLC
6450 Patrick Dr
Dallas, TX 75214-2444
Contact: Dr. Stephen B. Friedheim, Strategic Coach
Phone: (214) 827-5403
Fax: (214) 887-4810

Education Systems & Solutions provides management strategies relating to administration, admissions, accreditation, curriculum development, marketing, retention, placement, and public relations. The principals have over 60 years of combined experience on the front lines of career college operations, as well as having served in the major national leadership positions. References and proposals provided upon request.

Gray Associates, Inc.
355 Sudbury Rd
Concord, MA 01742-3422
Contact: Mr. Robert Atkins, CEO
Phone: (617) 366-2838
Fax: (617) 229-6165

Gray Associates, Inc. is a strategy consulting firm that helps clients, primarily in the education industry, develop fact-based business and marketing strategies that maximize outcomes for investors, companies, and their customers. To support our customers, we have developed an industry-leading database that combines information on inquiry volumes, demographics, competition, and employment. Using this information and proprietary research, we help our clients develop business strategies, select programs, pick locations and prepare curriculum.

400 Lakeview Pkwy Ste 200
Vernon Hills, IL 60061-1850
Contact: Mr. Charles Wonderlic, CEO
Phone: (843) 284-4073
Fax: (847) 680-9492

Wonderlic is a recognized leader for student admissions assessments, skills placement testing, learning outcomes assessments, and pre-employment testing. Increase quality enrollments and student success with assessments that identify the abilities and skills of incoming students. Measure and improve student learning with interactive learning Outcomes Assessments. Increase employee performance and retention through Wonderlic's proven employee assessment solutions. Wonderlic assessments are approved by the US Department of Education and recognized by all major accrediting associations.

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