Sector Facts

Private Sector Colleges and Universities in the United States (PDF)
There are 3,422 private sector institutions in the United States. With an enrollment of over 3.4 million students, private sector institutions represent 12 percent of all students enrolled in a postsecondary institution. Learn more about our institutions and their overall impact.

Private Sector Colleges and Universities: Essential to higher education, jobs
and the economy
Currently, there are 9 million unemployed Americans and 93 million undereducated Americans. It is clear that the United States has a great deal of work to do on the workforce and economic front. Learn about private sector institutions' role in growing a competitive workforce and filling the capacity and opportunity gaps in America.

Educating New Traditional Students (PDF)
As more Americans pursue higher education, the majority of students are new traditional students. These students are typically older, they receive more financial assistance, they are working while earning their credential, and they are more likely to have children. Learn more about how private sector institutions meet the needs of these new traditional students.


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PSCUs open doors to many of the 9.1 million unemployed and 90 million undereducated Americans by providing a skills-based education. To remain competitive over the next decade, we must identify between 8 and 23 million new workers with postsecondary skills. PSCUs are a necessary part of that solution, having produced over 800,000 degrees last year alone.