Lead Instructor, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) – (Lafayette, LA)


GENERAL SUMMAY OF DUTIES: Performs classroom and laboratory instructional duties in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) diploma program.


• Coordinate, plan, organize and instruct courses in the day, evening, or on the weekends on the campus, as assigned
• Keep active a high level of expertise in the subjects taught and stimulate enthusiasm for those subjects
• Ensure that each program/class contains essential curricular components, has appropriate content and pedagogy and maintains currency
• Recommend textbooks and other instructional materials, including classroom and laboratory equipment, to Program Chairs
• Assist in the college’s library collection development by selecting, evaluating and using library resources in each appropriate discipline
• Teach all classes according to an approved course syllabus
• Keep students informed and updated concerning course content, requirements, evaluation procedures and attendance requirements
• Keep students informed about their progress through the prompt grading of papers and other work
• Provide students with a mid-term progress report
• Maintain accurate and complete scholastic records, including attendance records
• Submit absence reports and other documentation when appropriate
• File an appropriate course syllabus for each course taught with the appropriate Program Chair
• Conduct class evaluations and complete other college evaluations in accordance with college policy
• Ensure that assigned classes are held as scheduled
• Hold the final exam at the time scheduled in the college’s term schedule, unless permission to deviate has been approved by the Program Chair
• Make suggestions to the Program Chair concerning the improvement of the curriculum in keeping with the objectives of the college
• Participate in program and curriculum reviews, and developmental/student learning outcomes initiatives
• Make use of available college online resources, as applicable
• Plan each unit or lesson, both as to content and method, to make each class minute meaningful
• Organize each course taught into an effective instrument of learning
• Study and utilize students’ learning styles in each class in order to facilitate the best teaching and learning situations
• Incorporate instructional technologies in instructional delivery
• Maximize the learning opportunities for each student
• Keep informed of current trends and new approaches to instruction via professional development activities
• Complete an annual goals setting and performance review with the Program Chair, approved by the Director of Education
• Demonstrate a genuine concern for each student through personal conferences
• Assist in the retention of students
• Minimize student complaints
• Serve as an Academic Advisor to assigned students
• Maintain office hours for student consultations
• Strive for the qualities delineated in the criteria for Faculty evaluation used by the college
• Refer students for counseling and assistance, as needed
• Submit required reports to the appropriate college personnel
• Attend all faculty meetings, college assemblies, professional development and orientation activities, and other meetings as called by the Campus Director, Director of Education or Program Chair
• Become thoroughly familiar and comply with all college policies and procedures
• Serve on and provide information to college committees, as needed
• Convey college-related information to students in a timely manner, as requested by college officials
• Provide coaching for other instructors in program areas
• Contribute to instructor in-service training developmental programs
• Prepare for visits from the Accrediting Commission on Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)


• Associate’s Degree in HVAC, Industrial Mechanical/Maintenance or other closely related area
• Must be a certified HVAC Technician


• Minimum of three (3) to four (4) years of directly or closely related work experience in residential, commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration
• Previous management experience required
• Some level of teaching or training experience is preferred


Please submit applications to Caroline Wallace -carolinew@bluecliffcollege.com


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