2012 Hall of Fame


Amy Nelson, Minnesota School of Business, Elk River

Career: Founder and CEO, Accurate Home Care


Amy Nelson started her career at the age of sixteen, working for several home care providers in Minnesota.  Over the next two years, her experiences with these companies led her to identify a real need within the home care industry for high quality, compassionate, and accurate care.  At the age of eighteen, sitting at her kitchen table, Amy decided to start her own home care company, Accurate Home Care, founded on the principles of compassion and precise care.  A true testament to her conviction of these standards, Amy continued to pursue her own higher education to better serve her clients.  She took courses in nursing, but then decided to focus more on the business side of home care.  She attended Minnesota School of Business in Elk River where she studied health care management and business administration. 

As the Founder and CEO of Accurate Home Care, Amy oversees the operations of the entire company which has grown far beyond the bounds of Amy’s kitchen table to become the largest home care provider in Minnesota.  Rated among the top 25 providers in the state, her company has become a resource for local hospitals, county workers, physicians, and legislative decision makers.  Her commitment extends beyond her own business to educating students and peers, serving on boards, and participating in legislative initiatives.  Amy volunteers her time to impart to others the compassion, determination, and commitment she possesses for providing the best services to both adults and children in need of home care. 
Amy has been awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Progress MN, Fast 50 and Inc. 5000 awards.  She has successfully established and grown a business known and sought out for its excellence in home care, and APSCU is honored to award Amy Nelson with the 2012 Hall of Fame award.



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