Sanetra Hall


Sanetra Hall, a recipient of the 2014 GREAT Award, had always been interested in furthering her education, but was forced to drop out of school to care for her ailing infant daughter and deal with her own health issues. Born ten weeks prematurely, Sanetra’s daughter Jada was born with a host of medical complications that kept her in the hospital for over two months. Not long after, Sanetra was diagnosed with a heart condition that required surgery and limited her ability to work.

Despite the medical setbacks, Sanetra eventually was able to enroll in Antonelli College’s Legal Assisting program to pursue her goal of becoming a paralegal. She excelled academically and at her internship and was able to graduate from Antonelli College in 2011. After graduation, Sanetra sat for the National Legal Assisting Exam and became one of only 208 nationally certified paralegals in the state of Mississippi. Sanetra also succeeded in finding employment in her field, and currently works for a large insurance defense firm.

“Sanetra’s story is remarkable because of her dedication to furthering her education,” said Steve Gunderson, president and chief executive officer of APSCU. “Her education at Antonelli College provided her with the flexibility she needed as a single mother, but it was her exceptional talent that made her a recipient of our GREAT Award.”


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